My Life in Books (2020 Edition)

I’m taking one more look over my shoulder at the end of this strangest of years with a meme that lots of blogger friends posted around mid-December. Like Annabel over at Annabookbel, I’m sticking to books I’ve read in 2020, most with links to reviews on this blog and I’ve also nicked her Covid question.

In high school I was The Harpy

People might be surprised by How Much of These Hills is Gold

I will never be Pure Hollywood

My life in lockdown was Coming Up for Air

My fantasy job is Convenience Store Woman

At the end of a long day I need Strange Flowers

I hate being The Rain Watcher

Wish I had A Hunderd Million Years and a Day

My family reunions are Days of Awe

At a party you’ll find me with Leonard and Hungry Paul

I’ve never been to A Theatre for Dreamers

A happy day includes Writers and Lovers

Motto I live by There’s No Such Thing As an Easy Job

On my bucket list is How to Pronounce Knife

In my next life I want to be The Light at the End of the Day

I’m very late to the party with this one: Annabel, Kaggsy, Juliana, Karen, Cathy and Ali arrived much earlier but there’s still time to join in if you fancy it.

Have a lovely, safe New Year’s Eve, tomorrow. See you in 2021.

16 thoughts on “My Life in Books (2020 Edition)”

  1. Great fun, Susan, bravo! I have enjoyed reading this and your recent 2020 posts – good reminders of all the books I bought and could not in the end read. I’ve got plenty to look forward to in 2021! Wishing you a very Happy New Year and a peaceful and healthy 2021. X

  2. Haha, great choices! I’ve particularly enjoyed seeing everyone’s answers to the family reunions question – yours sounds less dystopian than many… 😉 Happy New Year!

  3. LOL Is that tongue-in-cheek? your job as Convenience Store Women? If bookselling ruined Xmas for you, I can’t imagine what devastation her job would wreck upon your life.

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