My Life in Books (2021 Edition)

My Life in Books 2021

The day before Christmas Eve a post from Karen at Bookertalk dropped into my Reader reminding me of this meme and how much I’ve enjoyed it when I’ve taken part so I thought I’d join in again. It seemed an appropriate post for the last day of the year, casting one more look back at my 2021 reading before moving on. I’ve nicked Karen’s banner – I hope she won’t mind.

In high school I was The Falconer

People might be surprised by Some New Ambush

I will never be The Woman From Uruguay

My fantasy job is The Magician

At the end of a long day I need Twelve Minutes of Love

I hate being Early Morning Riser

Wish I had Pictures From Hopper

My family reunions are These Precious Days

At a party you’ll find me with Mrs March

I’ve never been to The Lincoln Highway

A happy day includes Friendship

Motto I live by Let’s Hope for the Best

On my bucket list is Astral Travel

In my next life I want to have Afterparties

Annabel at Annabookbel has done her own spin on this with Life According to Literature 2021.

That’s it from me for 2021. Enjoy your New Year’s Eve and stay safe!

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  1. Chuckled over some of your answers. I especially like your “In my next life” answer. Can anyone join you or are those parties going to be exclusive affairs

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