My Women’s Prize for Fiction 2022 Wishlist

Women's Prize for Fiction 2022 Logo It only seems a blink of an eye since the announcement of the last Women’s Prize for Fiction longlist, or at least that’s how it feels to me. Nevertheless, it is that time again and Tuesday, 8th March is the date to add your diary should you be as keen as I am on this particular prize. Only novels written by women in English published between April 1st, 2021 and March 31st, 2022 qualify.

Over the past few years, I’ve failed miserably in predicting what took the judges’ fancy but truth be told I’d much prefer to indulge myself with a fantasy list than speculate as to what they might think. What follows, then, is entirely subjective, wishes rather than predictions. I’ve followed the same format as previous years, limiting myself to novels that I’ve read. So, in no particular order, here’s my wishlist for the 2022 Women’s Prize for Fiction, all with links to my reviews.

Cover image for The Performance by Claire Thomas Cover image for Early Morning Riser by Katherine Heiny Cover image for Highway Blue by Ailsa McFarlane

The Performance                      Early Morning Riser                   Highway Blue

Cover image for Assembly by Natasha Brown Cover image for Mrs Marsh by Virginia Feito Cover image for Matrix by Lauren Groff

Assembly                                         Mrs March                               Matrix

Cover image for Burntcoat by Sarah Hall Cover image for The Fell by Sarah Moss Cover image for Tides by Sara Freeman

Burntcoat                                          The Fell                                 Tides

Cover image for The Second Cut by Louise Welsh Cover image for Brown Girls by Daphne Palasi Andreades Cover image for Devotion by Hannah Kent

The Second Cut                               Brown Girls                           Devotion

Cover image for Small Things Like These by Claire Keegan Cover image for The Colony by Audrey Magee Cover image for The Exhibitionist by Charlotte Mendelson

Small Things Like These                 The Colony                      The Exhibitionist

As usual, several of the novels above appear more in hope than expectation but I’d be delighted if any one of these 15 snags the judges’ attention and I’m pretty sure at least three or four will this time. Fingers firmly crossed. Any titles that you’d love to see on the judges’ list?

If you’d like to see another take on what’s wished for along with some predictions, Rebecca at Boookish Beck has posted her list here.

36 thoughts on “My Women’s Prize for Fiction 2022 Wishlist”

  1. I have all my fingers crossed for Small Things Like These and Mrs March which were two of my favourite books of last year. I also really need to get my hands on a copy of The Colony…

  2. Five of my wishes and two of my predictions are on your list; that’s nearly 1/2 crossover! I’d love to see some of these nominated. I think there is a minimum word count for submissions, so it’s possible that Assembly and Small Things Like These wouldn’t make the cut for that reason alone. (I snuck My Monticello into my wishes as I feel like the novella by itself is nearly 200 pages?) Tides is a particularly interesting choice that I probably should have given more attention in my lists — a good chance to get a Canadian author onto the longlist, too.

    1. I’m sure that’s a bigger overlap than last year! I tend to list some titles that I suspect won’t get much coverage in the hope of exposing them to a little more.

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  4. I’ve read two on your list, both the novellas, one I loved one I did not at all! No idea what will be on the list but I do like that you’ve gone for a wish list with links to reviews rather than predictions, that’s way more enticing as a reader of your blog who values your opinions. 🙂
    I hope some of your wished come true!

    1. Thank you! I’d much rather give exposure to books I feel deserve to be listed. Fingers crossed!

      And, of course, I’m wondering which is which out of the novellas.

  5. I’ve only read one on your list, Small Things Like These, but I’d back you to get a few predictions right. Although, if you do, that means a lot of books added to my wishlist/TBR pile.

    1. Ah, I don’t have a brilliant track record in guessing the judges’ choices so you may get away with only one or two! I’ve a feeling the Keegan might make the cut, though.

  6. The only book I really, really want to see on the list is Julia Armfield’s Our Wives Under The Sea, but I’d be happy to see Matrix and Burntcoat (and Assembly but I’m pretty sure it’s not eligible). I’m afraid I was not a fan of Devotion and The Fell.

  7. The Women’s Prize is the literary prize that I am most interested in these days. I would love to see Small Things Like These on the list, I thought it was excellent. Looking at your list there are several on my radar, I have both Assembly and The Fell on my tbr so would be delighted to see books I have waiting listed too.

    1. I agree although I also have my eye on the Rathbone Folio Prize which has an interesting shortlist this year. I’d certainly be happy to see any of those three on the judges’ list.

  8. Like Rebecca, I think I’ve seen something about a minimum word count (30,000?) for eligibility, which would knock out Assembly and Small Things Like These from the start. A real shame, as both are superb – and probably superior in quality to many longer novels published over the past year.

    I wasn’t a fan of Mrs March, but maybe I’m an outlier on that front…and if Gwendoline Riley’s My Phantoms isn’t on the longlist, I’ll be very surprised indeed!

      1. OMG… it made me cry so hard… It will be difficult for any other books to top it this year. But… you might not find it so emotional, seeing as you’re not American (and therefore maybe not as appalled about what the previous US president did regarding refugees from the Middle East).

  9. I’ve only read the Groff and Moss but I might have guessed you’d include them. A couple of others that I remembered you really enjoying, I was also expecting you’d include: Assembly, Brown Girls, Small Things. But it’s nice to be reminded of the others you’ve found to be stand-out reading.

  10. You got one right! I’m keen to read The Exhibitionist and have it on order from the library. I’m very surprised some others of your predictions didn’t make it onto the list.

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