My Six in Six: 2023

I spotted this meme on Margaret’s Pyrenees to Pennines blog which I follow for her striking photography. She in turn had picked it up from Jo at The Book Jotter, the meme’s originator. It’s a simple way of arranging some of the books you’ve read so far this year. Jo has lots of headings to choose from but is happy for participants to devise their own. I’ve stuck largely to Margaret’s with a wee bit of variation.

6 Novels Enjoyed but Not Reviewed

Cover image for In the Sweep of the Bay by Cath BurtonCover image for The Truth Must dazzle Gradually by Helen CullenCover image for A Sweetness of Water by Nathan Harris

Cover image for Horse by Geraldine BrooksCover image for Mother Mother by Annie MacmanusCover image for Rules for Visiting by Jessica Francis Kane

6 Books Set in a Country Other Than My Own

Cover image for Four Seasons in Japan by Nick BradleyCover image for The Late Americans by Brandon TaylorCover image for Fresh Water for Flowers by Valerie Perrin

Cover image for Sea of Ink by Richard WeiheCover image for Miss IcelandCover image for The Sun Walks Down by Fiona McFarlane

6 Works of Non-fiction

Cover image for The Museum Makers by Rachel MorrisCover uimage for A Tomb with a View by Peter RossCover image for Ho to Cook a Wolf by M F K Fisher

Cover image for Humankind by Rutger BregmanCover image for Fierce Attachemnts by Vivian Gornick

6 Books in Translation

Cover image for The Fire by Daniela KrienCover image for Liminal by Liminal by Roland SchimmelpfennigCover image for Breakwater by Marijke Schermer (transl. Liz Waters)

Cover image for What You Need from the Night by Laurent PetitmanginCover image for History. A Mess. by Sigrún PálsdóttirCover image for Kairos by Jenny Erpenbeck

6 Books by Irish Women

Cover image for The Couples by Lauren MackenzieCover image for The Rachel Incident by Caroline O'DonoghueCover image for Falling Animals by Sheila Armstrong

Cover image for Nothing Special by Nicole FlatteryCover image for Service by Sarah GilmartinCover image for Sunburn by Chloe Michelle Haworth

6 Debuts

Cover image for Kala by Colin WalshCover image for Death of a Bookseller by Alice SlaterCover image for The Three of Us by Ore Agbaje-Williams

Cover image for Western Lane by Chtna MarooCover image for For Thy Great PainHave Mercy on My Little Pain by Victoria MackenzieCover image for Close to Home by Michael Magee

Not too late to join in if you fancy it. Jo’s happy for posts to run through July and it’s fun to put together.

Six in Six meme

25 thoughts on “My Six in Six: 2023”

  1. Well, thanks so much for the honourable mention Susan. For my part, you are definitely one of a select band of ‘go-to’ book bloggers whose opinion I can depend on. As you see, we have a few books in common on our Six in Six lists. I’ve just borrowed Four Seasons in Japan from the library but not started it yet, And I think it’s you that put me on Jenny Erpenbeck’s trail? I’ll certainly be looking out for more of her work. And I’m going to investigate some of your non-fiction choices too.

    1. You’re welcome, and thank you. I’m certainly a keen Erpenbeck fan although there are quite a few of us in the book blogosphere. Hope one of the six non-fiction books suits!

    1. Thsnk you. I enjoyed looking back over the year so far and was pleased to include some books I’ve not reviewed. The Armstrong was a standout for me and, living with an historian, History: A Mess was a must read!

  2. Ian McEwan raved about Break Water when he was at HomePlace back in April, and I’ve been meaning to check it out ever since. I’m starting Kala this week (even though it’s not on my 20 Books pile!) and I loved The Truth Must Dazzle Gradually, it’s a book that has really stayed with me.

  3. Well done! I often find this one harder to do than it looks as if it should be – but of course I’m now going to spend a couple of hours seeing whether I can find six categories in my random reading!

  4. Lovely to see How to Cook a Wolf in your selections, Susan. I hope you enjoyed it! We’ve said this before and I’m sure we’ll say it again…these Irish women writers are firing on all cylinders. It’s so exciting to see all this talent coming through.

  5. What an excellent idea for a blog post. I should have had a go at this. I have had (yet another) bad week, meaning to write something since Monday and not managing it.

    1. I enjoyed putting this one together, trawling through this year’s reads, and it gave me a chance to mention some great books I haven’t reviewed. Easy one to do, too. You’d get a nice feeling of satisfaction from it!

  6. Thanks for jogging my memory on this one – I just did my own version.
    Good to see that you enjoyed Cath Barton’s novella, she’s a member of our book club.

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