Holidays and holiday reading

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DestinationPost date
Three Days In and Around Manchester Plus One Book2024/04/23
Sixteen Days in Central Europe and Three Books2023/10/25
Three Days in the New Forest and Most of a Book2023/09/04
Three days in Leeds, Five Days in Glasgow and One Book2023/06/16
Two Days in Hastings and St Leonards-on-Sea and a DNF2023/04/26
Two Days in Chichester and a Bit of a Book2022/11/21
Nine Days in the Netherlands and Just One Book2022/09/21
Seven Days in the Italian Lakes, Four Days in Milan and Four Books: Part Two2022/05/22
Seven Days in the Italian Lakes, Four Days in Milan and Four Books: Part One2022/05/18
Four Days in Manchester and Half a Book2022/04/06
Three Days in London and a Bit of a Book2021/10/20
Seven Days in Edinburgh and Two Books2021/09/15
Seven Days in Sussex and Kent Plus One and a Half Books2021/07/12
Seven Days in London and Two Half-books plus The Memory of Another2021/05/26
Almost Two Days in the New Forest and a Bit of a Book2020/10/19
Travels From My Sofa: Walking in the Moutains of Italy, Switzerland and Austria2020/05/27
Travels From My Sofa: Scandinavia2020/05/06
Eight Days in Portugal and Two Books2019/10/23
Two Days in Yorkshire and a Bit of a Book2019/09/13
Thirteen Days in Poland, Half a Day in Slovakia and Three Books2019/07/05
Almost Four Days in Genoa and One Book2019/05/01
Almost Three Days in Lille and One Book2019/03/06
Two Days in London and Four Books2018/11/21
Seven Days in North Norfolk and Half a Book2018/09/26
Four Days in Amsterdam, Fourteen Days in Central Europe and Three Books2018/07/04
Two Days in Madrid, Five Days in Toledo and Just One Book2018/04/18
Five Days in Budapest and a Bit of a Book2017/10/13
One Week in the Swiss Alps and Just One Book2017/07/26
A Week in Split and Two Books2017/05/10
Three Days in Antwerp and Half a Book2017/03/31
Eighteen Days in Central Europe and Two Books2016/09/23
A (Mostly Wet) Week in Herefordshire and One Book2016/04/22
Almost Three Days in Nice and One Book2016/04/13
Four Days in Vienna and One Book2016/01/13
Five Days in Hamburg and a Few Books2015/12/31
Fourteen Days in the Baltic States and Just One Book2015/08/12
A Week in Palma and a Book2015/04/22
A Week in the Land of Cream Teas and Alpacas plus a Few Books2014/09/22
Walking in the Dolomites, the Pleasures of the Pudding Buffet and a Few Books2014/07/11
Five Days in Madrid and the Case of the Mutilated Book2014/04/28
Five Days in Amsterdam and One Book2014/01/01
Back From Sunny Spain with Some Unfinished Business2013/09/23