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Cover image for To Coook a Bear by Mikael Niemi

Five Swedish Novels I’ve Read

Given how much of my viewing time has been spent there thanks to Walter Presents, you’d think I’d have read more Scandinavian fiction but perhaps it’s because so much of the translated variety is crime related. Below are five striking Swedish novels I’ve read, all with links to my reviews, beginning with an award-winning piece …

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Cover image for Life, A User's Manual by Georges Perec

Five Books I’ve Read Set in Apartment Buildings

I’ve long found an apartment building setting appealing in fiction. Fertile ground for storytelling, exploring characters’ backstories while reflecting the society they inhabit. Here are five favourites that share that setting, two with links to my reviews the other three read pre-blog. I’m beginning with Georges Perec’s Life a User’s Manual, the first novel that …

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