My Life in Books (2022 Edition)

I’ve ended several years with this meme prompted by a post from at least one blogger. This year it was Annabel’s version that first popped into my Reader followed swiftly by Cathy’s, Karen’s and Cathy’s. Here’s mine…

Cover image for In Love by Amy BloomCover image for Weasels in the Attic by Hiroko OyamadaCover image for The Queen of Desert Island by Donal RyanCover image for Mudlarking by Lara MaiklemCover image for Peace Talks by Tim FinchCover image for On Swift Horses by Shannon PufahlCover image for Fewer Better Things by Glenn AdamsonCover image for The Most Fun We Ever Had by Claire Lombardo

In high school I was In Love

People might be surprised by Weasels in the Attic

I will never be The Queen of Dirt Island

My fantasy job is Mudlarking

At the end of a long day I need Peace Talks

I hate being On Swift Horses

Wish I had Fewer Better Things

My family reunions are The Most Fun We Ever Had

At a party you’ll find me with Devils and Saints

I’ve never been to Bournville

A happy day includes Perfect Tunes

Motto I live by Common Decency

On my bucket list is Diving for Pearls

In my next life I want to have Shrines of Gaiety

Cover image for Devils and Saints by Jean-Baptiste AndreaaCover image for Bourneville by Jonathan CoeCover image for Common Decency by Susannah DickeyCover image for Diving for Pealrs by Jamie O'ConnellCover image for Shrines of Gaiety by Kate Atkinson

That’s it for 2022. A very happy 2023 filled with excellent reading to you!

21 thoughts on “My Life in Books (2022 Edition)”

  1. I love the idea of you pursuing a career as a mudlark! Although thinking about it that’s pretty much what we do – sifting through all the books published to find the hidden gems and discarding those that are mere literary detritus.

  2. I wonder what is do if there WERE weasels in my attic!
    I managed to get my hands on a review copy of The Queen of Dirt Island via Edelweiss. Looking forward to reading it.

  3. I really enjoy these My Life in Books posts, but won’t have chance to do my own. I haven’t read any of yours, but my sister bought Bournville for me for Christmas.

  4. Great answers! Haha, despite the Devils your party seems like the most peaceful one I’ve seen on these lists! 😉 Happy New Year! May 2023 be good to you and yours!

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