Fiction Reviews

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AuthorTitlePost date
Hall, SarahBurntcoat2021/10/08
Towles, AmorThe Lincoln Highway2021/10/06
Groff, LaurenMatrix2021/10/01
Tóibín, Colm The Magician2021/09/29
Hitchman, BeatriceAll of You Every Single One2021/09/24
Glimartin, SarahDinner Party2021/09/22
So, Anthony VeasnaAfterparties2021/09/17
Boyne, JohnThe Echo Chamber2021/09/01
Davidson, AshDamnation Spring2021/08/27
Yu, CharlesInterior Chinatown2021/08/25
Silber, JoanSecrets of Happiness2021/08/20
Butler, NickolasGodspeed2021/08/18
Feito, VirginiaMrs March2021/08/13
Lafarge, DaisyPaul2021/08/06
Booth, AlisonThe Painting2021/08/04
Cunnell, HowardThe Painter's Friend2021/07/30
Heller, Miranda CowleyThe Paper Palace2021/07/28
Hamya, JoThree Rooms2021/07/23
Crane, JonathanWe Need to Talk2021/07/16
Sedira, SamiraPeople Like Them2021/07/14
Swann, StaceyOlympus, Texas2021/07/09
Clements, Mikaella and Datta, OnjuliThe View Was Exhausting2021/06/30
Jackson, AngelaThe Darlings2021/06/25
Brown, NatashaAssembly2021/06/23
Lee, JonathanThe Great Mistake2021/06/18
Aubert, MarieGrown Ups2021/06/16
Harris, Kakiya DalilaThe Other Black Girl2021/06/11
Silverman, JenWe Play Ourselves2021/06/09
Moore, LizThe Words of Every Song2021/06/04
Vida, VendelaWe Run the Tides2021/06/02
Freud, EstherI Couldn't Love You More2021/05/28
Kerangal, Maylis dePainting Time2021/05/14
Lahiri, JhumpaWhereabouts2021/05/12
Sahota, SunjeevChina Room2021/05/07
McFarlane, AilsaHighway Blue2021/05/05
Krien, DanielaLove in Five Acts2021/04/30
McGregor, JonLean Fall Stand2021/04/28
Missiroli, MarcoFidelity2021/04/23
Heiny, KatherineEarly Morning Riser2021/04/21
Schaitkin, AlexisSaint X2021/04/16
Thomas, ClaireThe Performance2021/04/14
Jeans, CrystalThe Inverts 2021/04/09
Kennedy, LouiseThe End of the World is a Cul de Sac2021/04/07
Medie, Peace AdzoHis Only Wife2021/04/02
Ishiguro, NaomiCommon Ground2021/03/31
Fuller, ClaireUnsettled Ground2021/03/24
Harding, GeorginaHarvest2021/03/19
Seethaler, RobertThe Field2021/03/17
Würger, TakisStella2021/03/12
Evans, DanielleThe Office of Historical Corrections2021/03/10
Dovey, CeridwenLife After Truth2021/03/05
AlAmmar, LaylaSilence is a Sense2021/03/03
O'Callaghan, ConorWe Are Not In the World2021/02/26
Lyon, AnabelConsent2021/02/24
Ladner, KiareNightshift2021/02/19
Lockwood, PatriciaNo One is Talking About This2021/02/17
Oyler, LaurenFake Accounts2021/02/12
Duffy, AustinTen Days2021/02/10
Jago, LucyA Net for Small Fishes2021/02/05
Cruz, AfonsoKokoschka's Doll2021/02/03
Godden, SalenaMrs Death Misses Death2021/01/29
de Vigan, DelphineGratitude2021/01/27
Sudjic, OliviaAsylum Road2021/01/22
Bleiman, BarbaraKreminology of Kisses2021/01/20
Fagan, JenniLuckenbooth2021/01/15
Reeves, GemmaVictoria Park2021/01/13
Washington, BryanMemorial2021/01/08
Baines, ElizabethAstral Travel2021/01/06
Faes, UrsTwelve Nights2020/12/04
Kemp, MarinaNightingale2020/12/02
Tsumura, KikukoThere's No Such Thing As An Easy Job2020/11/27
Nolan, NaoiseExciting Times2020/11/25
Morrow, BradfordThe Forgers2020/11/20
Claudel, PhilippeDog Island2020/11/18
Youngson, AnneThree Women and a Boat2020/11/13
Mingarelli, HubertThe Invisible Land2020/11/11
Carey, EdwardThe Swallowed Man2020/11/06
Krauss, NicoleTo Be a Man2020/11/04
Llavina, JordiLondon Under Snow2020/10/30
Ekvitimishvili, NanaThe Pear Field2020/10/28
de Katt, OttoFreetown2020/10/23
Barry, KevinThat Old Country Music2020/10/21
Ackroyd, PeterMr Cadmus2020/10/14
Vasquez, Juan GabrielSongs for the Flames2020/10/09
Clegg, BillThe End of the Day2020/10/07
Fricke, LucyDaughters2020/09/30
Hoffmann, SandraPaula2020/09/25
Niemi, MikaelTo Cook a Bear2020/09/23
Shanahan, Deirdre Carrying Fire and Water2020/09/18
Macaulay, RosePotterism2020/09/11
Miller, SueMonogamy2020/09/09
Hunter, MeganThe Harpy2020/09/04
Evans, LissaV for Victory2020/09/02
Emmerson, MirandaA Little London Scandal2020/08/28
Ryan, DonalStrange Flowers2020/08/26
Kelley, William Melvin KelleyDancers on the Shore2020/08/21
Moss, SarahSummerwater2020/08/19
Stuart, DouglasShuggie Bain2020/08/15
Davies, CarysThe Mission House2020/08/12
Wasserburg, EleanorThe Light at the End of the Day2020/08/07
Perry, Kate ReedTrue Story2020/08/05
Khemiri, Jonas HassenThe Family Clause2020/07/31
Williams, EleyThe Liar's Dictionary2020/07/29
Innes, KirstinScabby Queen2020/07/24
Dickey, SusannahTennis Lessons2020/07/17
Salam, AnbaraBelladonna2020/07/15
Feigel, LaraThe Group2020/07/10
Heyman, ArleneArtifact2020/07/07
Arnott, RobbieThe Rain Heron2020/07/03
Craig, AmandaThe Golden Rule2020/07/01
Hughes, CaoilinnThe Wild Laughter2020/06/26
Neuman, AndrésFracture2020/06/24
Andrea, Jean-BaptisteA Hundred Million Years and a Day2020/06/20
Wetmore, ElizabethValentine2020/06/17
Briscoe, JoannaThe Seduction2020/06/12
Evers, StuartThe Blind Light2020/06/10
Bradley, NickThe Cat and the City2020/06/05
Alzayat, DimaAlligator and Other Stories2020/06/03
King, LilyWriters & Lovers2020/05/29
Hession, Rónán Leonard and Hungry Paul2020/05/22
Oliver, Jane & Stafford, AnnBusiness As Usual2020/05/20
Mason, DanielA Registry of My Passage Upon the Earth2020/05/15
Knight Dinerstein, RebeccaHex2020/05/13
Foenkinos, DavidThe Mystery of Henri Pick2020/05/08
Souvankham, ThammavongsaHow to Pronounce Knife2020/05/01
Anthony, JessicaEnter the Aardvark2020/04/29
Nors, DortheWild Swims2020/04/24
Gilligan, RuthThe Butchers2020/04/22
Samson, PollyA Theatre for Dreamers2020/04/17
Everett, PercivalI Am Not Sidney Poitier2020/04/15
Faldbakken, MatiasThe Waiter2020/04/10
Zhang, C PamHow Much of These Hills is Gold2020/04/08
Bernardini, IlariaThe Portrait2020/04/03
Macken, FrancesYou Have to Make Your Own Fun Around Here2020/04/01
Vincent, HannahShe-Clown and Other Stories2020/03/27
Sabatini, IreneAn Act of Defiance2020/03/20
Leipciger, SarahComing Up for Air2020/03/18
Jones, TayariSilver Sparrow2020/03/13
Fannin, HilaryThe Weight of Love2020/03/11
Lipman, ElinorGood Riddance2020/03/06
Popkey, MirandaTopics of Conversation2020/03/04
Anshaw, CarolRight After the Weather2020/02/28
Parrett, FavelThere Was Still Love2020/02/21
Donohue, RachelThe Temple House Vanishing2020/02/19
Offill JennyWeather2020/02/14
Kehlmann, DanielTyll2020/02/07
Brown, LukeTheft2020/02/05
Wilson, KevinNothing to See Here2020/01/31
Unsworth, Emma JaneAdults2020/01/29
Vermes, TimurThe Hungry and the Fat2020/01/24
Cummins, JeanineAmerican Dirt2020/01/22
Katz, AniA Good Man2020/01/17
Petry, AnnThe Street2020/01/15
Szabó, MagdaAbigail2020/01/10
Young-Ha, KimDiary of a Murderer and Other Stories2020/01/08
Athill, DianaDon't Look at Me Like That2020/01/03
NDiaye, MarieThe Cheffe2019/12/18
Duncan, AdrianLove Notes From a German Building Site2019/12/06
Guven, MahirOlder Brother2019/12/04
Ørstavik, HanneLove2019/11/27
Strout, ElizabethOlive, Again2019/11/22
Rogers, JaneBody Tourists2019/11/20
Thomas, ScarlettOligarchy2019/11/15
Forrest, EmmaRoyals2019/11/13
Borgo, Karina SainzIt Would Be Night in Caracas2019/11/08
Boehmer, EllekeTo the Volcano2019/11/06
Pagano, EmmanuelleFaces on the Tip of My Tongue2019/11/01
Costello, MaryThe River Capture2019/10/30
Hegarty, NeilThe Jewel2019/10/25
Patchett, AnnThe Dutch House2019/10/09
Christensen, Lars SaabyeEchoes of the City2019/10/04
Garner, HelenThe Spare Room2019/10/02
Eisenberg, DeborahYour Duck is My Duck2019/09/27
Williams, NiallThis Is Happiness2019/09/20
Keret, EtgarFly Already2019/09/18
Franchini. LiviaShelf Life2019/09/06
Lynch, PaulBeyond the Sea2019/08/30
Myers, BenjaminThe Offing2019/08/28
Turner, ChloeWitches Sail in Eggshells2019/08/23
Savage, LilaSay Say Say2019/08/21
Würger, TakisThe Club2019/08/16
Washington, BryanLot2019/08/09
Almada, SelvaThe Wind That Lays Waste2019/08/02
Wood, NaomiThe Hiding Game2019/07/31
Bourdouxhe, MadeleineA Nail, A Rose2019/07/26
Hope, AnnaExpectation2019/07/24
Nathan, AlixThe Warlow Experiment2019/07/19
Kidman, FionaThis Mortal Boy2019/07/12
Buchanan, Rowan HisayoStarling Days2019/07/10
Atkinson, KateBig Sky2019/07/03
Dawson, JillThe Language of Birds2019/06/14
Baker, JoThe Body Lies2019/06/12
Cliff, CraigThe Mannequin Makers2019/06/07
Wang, Juliana XuanHome Remedies2019/06/05
Eaves, WillMurmur2019/05/31
Meijer, EvaBird Cottage2019/05/29
Main, VesnaGood Day?2019/05/24
Grant, LindaA Stranger City2019/05/22
Brown, L. M.Treading the Uneven Road2019/05/17
Cowan, AndrewYour Fault2019/05/15
Beatty, LauraLost Property2019/05/10
Rosewood, Abbigail N.If I Had Two Lives2019/05/08
Ziervogel, MeikeFlotsam2019/05/03
Poschmann, MarionThe Pine Islands2019/04/19
Cognetti, PaoloThe Eight Mountains2019/04/17
Lalami, LailaThe Other Americans2019/04/12
Beagin, JenVacuum in the Dark2019/04/10
Aw, TashWe, The Survivors2019/04/05
Gundar-Goshen, AyeletLiar2019/04/03
Flattery, NicoleShow Them a Good Time2019/03/29
Hustvedt, SiriMemories of the Future2019/03/27
Hickey Dwyer, ChristineThe Narrow Land2019/03/22
Colombani, LaetitiaThe Braid2019/03/20
Sammalkorpi, VirveChildren of the Cave2019/03/15
Luiselli, ValeriaLost Children Archive2019/03/08
Menasse, RobertThe Capital2019/02/22
Clark, ClareIn the Full Light of the Sun2019/02/20
Hadley, TessaLate in the Day2019/02/15
Silber, JoanImprovement2019/02/13
Mahood, KatyEntanglement2019/02/06
Galloway, JaniceJellyfish2019/02/01
Griffin, AnneWhen All Is Said2019/01/25
Farrand, TündeWolf Country2019/01/23
O'Callaghan, BillyMy Coney Island Baby2019/01/18
Kauffman, RebeccaThe Gunners2019/01/16
Szabo, MagdaKatalin Street2019/01/11
de Vigan, DelphineLoyalties2019/01/09
Braithwaite, OyinkanMy Sister, the Serial Killer2019/01/04
Guiney, JamieThe Wooden Hill2018/12/21
Shand, DanielCrocodile2018/12/19
Arnott, RobbieFlames2018/11/28
Mozley, FionaElmet2018/11/16
Gowar, Imogen HermesThe Mermaid and Mrs Hancock2018/11/09
Kelley, William MelvinA Different Drummer2018/11/07
Berlin, LuciaEvening in Paradise2018/11/02
Harding, GeorginaLand of the Living2018/10/31
Addonia, SulaimanSilence is My Mother Tongue2018/10/26
Thorsson, Guđmundur AndriAnd the Wind Sees All2018/10/24
Buckle, LynnThe Groundsmen2018/10/19
Davies, Kay DeborahTizrah and the Prince of Crows2018/10/17
Mingarelli, HugoFour Soldiers2018/10/12
Carey, EdwardLittle2018/10/10
Perry, SarahMelmoth2018/10/05
deWitt, PatrickFrench Exit2018/10/03
Moss, SarahGhost Wall2018/09/28
Sirees, NihadStates of Passion2018/09/14
Tokarczuk, OlgaDrive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead2018/09/12
Atkinson, KateTranscription2018/09/07
Jones, GailThe Death of Noah Glass2018/09/05
Maguire, EmilyAn Isolated Incident2018/08/31
Garland, SethThe Hazards of Good Fortune2018/08/29
Harrison, MelissaAll Among the Barley2018/08/24
Miller, AndrewNow We Shall Be Entirely Free2018/08/22
Zeidner, LisaLayover2018/08/17
Redhill, MichaelBellevue Square2018/08/15
Quindlen, AnnaAlternate Side2018/08/10
Claudel, PhilippeThe Tree of the Toraja2018/08/08
Fuller, ClaireBitter Orange2018/08/03
Evans, LissaOld Baggage2018/08/01
Hermans, Willem FrederikAn Untouched House2018/07/27
Teir, PhilipThe Summer House2018/07/25
Zinovieff, SofkaPutney2018/07/20
Beagin, JenPretend I'm Dead2018/07/13
Dunmore, HelenGirl, Balancing and Other Stories2018/07/11
Cosslett, Rhiannon LucyThe Tyranny of Lost Things2018/07/06
O'Connor, RebeccaHe is Mine and I Have No Other2018/06/08
Youngson, AnneMeet Me at the Museum2018/06/06
Sittenfeld, CurtisYou Think It, I'll Say It2018/06/01
Levene, LouiseHappy Little Bluebirds2018/05/30
Andersson, Lena Acts of Infidelity2018/05/25
Castillo, ElaineAmerica is Not the Heart2018/05/23
Carrasco, LuisEl Hacho2018/05/16
Jones, TayariAn American Marriage2018/05/11
Bloom, AmyWhite Houses2018/05/09
Houm, NicolaiThe Gradual Disappearance of Jane Ashland2018/05/02
Andreasen, MichaelThe Sea Beast Takes a Lover2018/04/27
Schimmelpfennig, Roland One Clear Ice-cold January Morning at the Beginning of the Twenty-first Century2018/04/25
Chariandy, DavidBrother2018/04/04
Caldwell, ChloeWomen2018/04/02
Figgest, RuthMagnetism2018/03/28
Ryan, DonalFrom a Low and Quiet Sea2018/03/26
Ikstena, NoraSoviet Milk2018/03/23
Wells, BenedictThe End of Loneliness2018/03/21
Kidman, FionaAll Day at the Movies2018/03/16
Benjamin, ChloeThe Immortalists2018/03/14
Halliday, LisaAsymmetry2018/03/09
Hermann, JudithLetti Park2018/03/07
Jaeggy, FleurSweet Days of Discipline2018/03/02
Ólafsdóttir, Auđur Ava Hotel Silence2018/02/23
Vermette, KatherenaThe Break2018/02/21
Cassara, JosephThe House of Impossible Beauties2018/02/16
Stead, C. K. The Necessary Angel2018/02/14
Helgason, HallgrímurThe Woman at 1,000 Degrees2018/02/09
Malik, RachelMiss Boston and Miss Hargreaves2018/02/07
Horie, ToshiyukiThe Bear and the Paving Stone2018/01/31
Carey, PeterA Long Way From Home2018/01/26
Tuck, LilySisters2018/01/24
BandiThe Accusation2018/01/19
de Vigan, DelphineBased on a True Story2018/01/17
Sloan, RobinSourdough2018/01/12
Powell, JimThings We Nearly Knew2018/01/10
McGregor, JonThe Reservoir Tapes2018/01/05
de Kretser, MichelleThe Life to Come2018/01/03
Kawakami, MiekoMs Ice Sandwich2017/12/22
Thériault, DenisThe Postman's Fiancée2017/12/01
Weiner, MatthewHeather, The Totality2017/11/29
Boyd, WilliamThe Dreams of Bethany Mellmoth2017/11/24
Reve, GerardThe Evenings2017/11/22
Peake, TonyNorth Facing2017/11/17
Smith, MatthewThe Waking2017/11/15
Sukegawa, DurianSweet Bean Paste2017/11/10
Bathala, MarthaThe Invisible Life of Euridice Gusmao2017/11/08
Valtonen, JussiThey Know Not What They Do2017/11/03
Christofi, AlexLet Us Be True2017/10/27
McDermott, AliceThe Ninth Hour2017/10/25
Harris, JaneSugar Money2017/10/20
Egan, JenniferManhattan Beach2017/10/18
Słoniowska, ŻannaThe House with the Stained-glass Window2017/10/04
Buti, RolandYear of the Drought2017/09/29
Bergen, DavidStranger2017/09/27
Erpenbeck, JennnyGo Went Gone2017/09/22
Henshel, KerstinDance by the Canal2017/09/20
McGrath, PatrickThe Wardrobe Mistress2017/09/13
Tallent, GabrielMy Absolute Darling2017/09/08
Shamsie, KamilaHome Fire2017/09/06
Krauss, NicoleForest Dark2017/09/01
Alexis, AndréThe Hidden Keys2017/08/30
Divry, SophieMadame Bovary of the Suburbs2017/08/23
Grøndahl, Jens ChristianOften I Am Happy2017/08/18
Brownrigg, SylviaPages for Her2017/08/16
Jansson, ToveLetters from Klara2017/08/11
Melrose, FionaJohannesburg2017/08/09
Neary, AnnemarieThe Orphans2017/08/04
Butler, NickolasThe Hearts of Men2017/08/02
Leary, AnnThe Children2017/07/10
Cartwright, AnthonyThe Cut2017/07/07
Redel, VictoriaBefore Everything2017/07/05
Meloy, MaileDo Not Become Alarmed2017/07/03
Lennon, J. RobertBroken River2017/06/30
Lacey, CatherineThe Answers2017/06/28
Goodman, AllegraThe Chalk Artist2017/06/23
Kehlmann, DanielYou Should Have Left2017/06/21
Rooney, SallyConversations with Friends2017/06/16
Craig, AmandaThe Lie of the Land2017/06/14
Adams, AliceInvincible Summer2017/06/09
Malmquist, TomIn Every Moment We Are Still Alive2017/06/07
Terrin, PeterMonte Carlo2017/06/02
McCloskey, MollyWhen Light is Like Water2017/05/31
Phillips, HelenThe Beautiful Bureaucrat2017/05/26
Hunter, MeganThe End We Start From2017/05/24
Smith, DominicThe Last Painting of Sara de Vos2017/05/19
Goldstone, EliStrange Heart Beating2017/05/17
Lowe, DanielAll That's Left to Tell2017/05/12
Cocozza, PaulaHow to Be Human2017/04/28
Morrissey, DonnaThe Fortunate Brother2017/04/21
Hunt, LairdThe Evening Road2017/04/19
Lewis, PhillipThe Barrowfields2017/04/12
McGregor, JonReservoir 132017/04/10
Starnone, DomenicoTies2017/04/07
Dennis-Benn, NicoleHere Comes the Sun2017/04/05
Nors, DorotheMirror, Shoulder, Signal2017/03/22
Rash, RonThe World Made Straight2017/03/17
Dunmore, HelenBirdcage Walk2017/03/15
Erens, PamelaEleven Hours2017/03/10
Krasikov, SanaThe Patriots2017/03/08
Baume, SaraA Line Made by Walking2017/03/03
Arnott, JakeThe Fatal Tree2017/02/24
Ruskovich, EmilyIdaho2017/02/22
Kitamura, KatieA Separation2017/02/17
Riley, GwendolineFirst Love2017/02/15
Nguyen, Thanh VietThe Refugees2017/02/08
Woodson, JacquelineAnother Brooklyn2017/02/01
Hill, NathanThe Nix2017/01/27
Fuller, ClaireSwimming Lessons2017/01/25
Jones, AddisonWait for Me, Jack2017/01/20
Kaye, LauraEnglish Animals2017/01/18
Kawakami, HiromiRecord of a Night Too Brief2017/01/10
Down, JenniferOur Magic Hour2017/01/04
Lamb, WallyI'll Take You There2016/12/07
Versteeg, WytskeThe Boy2016/12/02
Watson, BradMiss Jane2016/11/30
Sneed, ChristineThe Virginity of Famous Men2016/11/25
Amsterdam, StevenThe Easy Way Out2016/11/23
Vickers, SalleyCousins2016/11/18
Stothard, AnnaThe Museum of Cathy2016/11/16
Noyes, AnnaGoodnight, Beautiful Women2016/11/11
Grant, LindaThe Dark Circle2016/11/09
Chang, JadeThe Wangs vs the World2016/11/04
Stift, LindaThe Empress and the Cake2016/11/02
Neil, HegartyInch Levels2016/10/28
Laurain, AntoineFrench Rhapsody2016/10/26
Seethaler, RobertThe Tobacconist2016/10/19
Birch, CarolOrphans of the Carnival2016/10/14
Ryan, DonalAll We Shall Know2016/10/12
Popoola, Olumide and Holmes, Anniebreach2016/10/10
Tulathimutte, TonyPrivate Citizens2016/10/07
Patchett, AnnCommonwealth2016/10/05
Fagan, JenniThe Sunlight Pilgrims2016/09/30
McInerney, JayBright, Precious Days2016/09/28
London, JoanThe Golden Age2016/08/31
Livingston, BillieThe Crooked Heart of Mercy2016/08/29
Buchanan, Rowan HisayoHarmless Like You2016/08/26
Taylor, SaraThe Lauras2016/08/24
Rash, RonAbove the Waterfall2016/08/19
Kawakami, HiromiThe Nakano Thrift Shop2016/08/12
Raymond, MidgeMy Last Continent2016/08/10
Sizun, MarieHis Father's Daughter2016/08/05
Khemiri, Jonas HassenEverything I Don't Remember2016/07/29
Galassi, JonathanMuse2016/07/27
Haslett, AdamImagine Me Gone2016/07/20
Cline, EmmaThe Girls2016/07/20
Moss, SarahThe Tidal Zone2016/07/15
Rogers, JaneConrad and Eleanor2016/07/13
Dawson, JillThe Crime Writer2016/07/08
Danler, StephanieSweetbitter2016/07/06
Perry, SarahThe Essex Serpent 2016/06/24
Green, WillDefault Setting2016/06/10
Prentiss, MollyTuesday Nights in 19802016/06/08
Sweeney, D'Apprix CynthiaThe Nest 2016/06/03
Bojanowski, MarcJourneyman2016/06/02
McFarlane, FionaThe High Places2016/05/20
Harding, GeorginaThe Gun Room2016/05/18
De Botton, AlainThe Course of Love2016/05/13
Lambert, CharlesThe Children's Home2016/05/09
Norris, BarneyFive Rivers Met on a Wooded Plain2016/05/06
Barker, NicolaThe Cauliflower2016/05/04
Moody, RickHotels of North America2016/04/27
Joinson, SuzanneThe Photographer's Wife2016/04/25
Greenwell, GarthWhat Belongs to You2016/04/22
Reeves, VirginiaWork Like Any Other2016/04/20
Neary, AnnemarieSiren2016/04/15
Parker, HarryAnatomy of a Soldier2016/04/06
Penkov, Miroslav Stork Mountain2016/04/01
Erades, GuillermoBack to Moscow2016/03/30
Whittemore, ChristineInscription2016/03/25
Powell, JimTrading Futures2016/03/23
Hermann, JudithWhere Love Begins2016/03/18
Mulhauser, TravisSweetgirl2016/03/16
Savage, ThomasThe Power of the Dog2016/03/11
Duffy, AustinThis Living and Immortal Thing2016/03/09
Hay, ElizabethHis Whole Life2016/03/04
Hope, AnnaThe Ballroom2016/02/24
Strout, ElizabethMy Name is Lucy Barton2016/02/19
Echlin, KimUnder the Visible Life2016/02/17
Andersson, LenaWilful Disregard2016/02/12
Dunmore. HelenExposure2016/02/05
Jones, GailA Guide to Berlin2016/02/03
Tierce, MerrittLove Me Back2016/01/29
Kay, FrancescaThe Long Room2016/01/27
Glaser, Rachel B.Paulina & Fran2016/01/22
Farr, TracyThe Life and Loves of Lena Gaunt2016/01/20
Baines, ElizabethUsed to Be2016/01/04
Cannobio, AndreaThree Light-Years2015/12/04
Nesser, Håkan A Summer With Kim Novak2015/12/02
McKeon, BelindaA Kind of Compass2015/11/27
Coe, JonathanNo 112015/11/25
Gibb, LornaA Ghost's Story 2015/11/20
Thomson, RupertKatherine Carlyle2015/11/18
Crosley, SloaneThe Clasp2015/11/13
Vladislavić, IvanThe Folly2015/11/11
Baume, SaraSpill Simmer Falter Wither2015/11/06
Di Pietrantonio, DonatellaMy Mother is a River2015/11/04
Mazelis, JoSignificance2015/10/30
Ball, RachaelThe Inflatable Woman2015/10/28
Smiley, JaneGolden Age2015/10/23
McCann, ColumThirteen Ways of Looking2015/10/21
Berlin, LuciaA Manual for Cleaning Women2015/10/16
Atwood, MargaretThe Heart Goes Last2015/10/14
Vida, VendelaThe Diver's Clothes Lie Empty2015/10/07
Gappah, PetinaThe Book of Memory2015/10/02
Groff, LaurenFates and Furies2015/09/30
Cartwright, JustinUp Against the Night2015/09/25
Modiano, PatrickSo You Don't Get Lost in the Neighbourhood2015/09/23
Viraraghavan, ChitraThe Americans2015/09/18
Massey, JeremyThe Last Four Days of Paddy Buckley2015/09/11
Clegg, BillDid You Ever Have a Family2015/09/09
Zupman, KimThe Ploughmen2015/09/04
Boyd, WilliamSweet Caress2015/09/02
Miller, AndrewThe Crossing2015/08/28
Bishop, StephanieThe Other Side of the World2015/08/26
Rubin, Eric BeckSchool of Velocity2015/08/25
Bloom, AmyRowing to Eden2015/08/21
Butler, NickolasBeneath the Bonfire2015/08/19
Delacourt, Grégoire The First Thing You See2015/08/16
de Kerangel, MaylisBirth of a Bridge2015/08/14
Taylor, GlennA Hanging at Cinder Bottom2015/07/22
Michaels, SeanUs, Conductors2015/07/17
Seethaler, RobertA Whole Life2015/07/15
Moss, SarahSigns for Lost Children2015/07/10
Thomas, ScarlettThe Seed Collectors2015/07/08
McMillan, JoMotherland2015/07/03
Rakoff, JoannaA Fortunate Age2015/07/01
Attenberg, JamiSaint Mazie2015/06/27
Giesbert, Franz-OlivierHimmler's Cook2015/06/24
Baaker, GerbrandJune2015/06/19
McKeon, BelindaTender 2015/06/17
Barnett, LauraThe Versions of Us2015/06/12
Dinerstein, RebeccaThe Sunlit Night2015/06/10
Haruf, KentOur Souls at Night2015/06/05
North, AnnaThe Life and Death of Sophie Stark2015/06/03
Samson, PollyThe Kindness2015/05/29
Smiley, JaneEarly Warning2015/05/27
Atkinson, KateA God in Ruins2015/05/22
Leipciger, SarahThe Mountain Can Wait2015/05/20
Macauley, WayneDemons2015/05/15
Logan, KirstyThe Gracekeepers2015/05/13
Hall, CatherineThe Repercussions2015/05/08
Laurain, AntoineThe Red Notebook2015/05/06
Harrison, MelissaAt Hawthorn Time2015/05/01
Hickey, Christine DwyerThe LIves of Women2015/04/29
Luiselli, ValeriaThe Story of My Teeth2015/04/24
Mitchell, Judith ClaireA Reunion of Ghosts2015/04/10
Crummey, MichaelSweetland2015/04/03
Taylor, SaraThe Shore2015/04/01
Essbaum Alexander, JillHausfrau2015/03/27
McGrann, MollyThe Ladies of the House2015/03/25
Campbell, KarenRise2015/03/20
Hannah, JamesThe A-Z of You and Me2015/03/18
MacDonald, Ann-MarieAdult Onset2015/03/13
Schumacher, JulieDear Committee Members2015/03/11
Herrera, YuriSigns Preceding the End of the World2015/03/06
Garland, SethI Regret Everything2015/03/04
Fuller, ClaireOur Endless Numbered Days2015/02/27
Miské,KarimArab Jazz2015/02/25
Tyler, AnneA Spool of Blue Thread2015/02/13
Cloke, NicciLay Me Down2015/02/11
Smith, Katy SimpsonThe Story of Land and Sea2015/02/05
Wood, LucyWeathering2015/02/03
Walker, PeterSome Here Among Us2015/01/30
Gerritsen, EstherCraving2015/01/28
Ribchester, LucyThe Hourglass Factory2015/01/23
Woof, EmilyThe Lightning Tree2015/01/21
Karlsson, JonasThe Room2015/01/16
Teir, PhilipThe Winter War2015/01/14
Lerner, Ben10:042015/01/09
Bloom, JoRidley Road2015/01/07
Sadikali, TamimDear Infidel2015/01/02
McCourt, SuzanneThe Lost Child2014/12/19
Ng, CelesteEverything I Never Told You2014/12/17
Erpenbeck, JennyThe End of Days2014/12/12
Kennedy, Thomas E.Beneath the Neon Egg2014/12/10
Simmonds, KathrynLove and Fallout2014/11/28
Quindlen, AnnaStill Life with Breadcrumbs2014/11/26
Parrett, FavelWhen the Night Comes2014/11/21
Hiraide, TakashiThe Guest Cat2014/11/19
Smiley, JaneSome Luck2014/11/14
Chicurel, JudyIf I Knew You Were Going to Be This Beautiful, I Never Would Have Let You Go2014/11/12
Costello, MaryAcademy Street2014/11/07
Helle, HelleThis Should Be Written in the Present Tense2014/11/05
Petterson, PerI Refuse2014/10/31
Kehlmann, DanielF2014/10/29
Faber, MichelThe Book of Strange New Things2014/10/24
Ferguson, PatriciaAren't We Sisters?2014/10/17
Theriault, DenisThe Peculiar Life of a Lonely Postman2014/10/15
Govinden, NivenAll the Days and Nights2014/10/10
Thuy, KimMan2014/10/08
Freud, EstherMr Mac and Me2014/10/03
Hampson, SebastianThe Train to Paris2014/10/01
Thomas, MatthewWe Are Not Ourselves2014/09/26
Knowles, JohnA Separate Peace2014/09/24
Freeman, AnnaThe Fair Fight2014/09/10
Larsen, NellaPassing2014/09/05
Galloway, StevenThe Confabulist2014/09/03
Gould, EmilyFriendship2014/08/29
Larsen, NellaQuicksand2014/08/27
Makkai, RebeccaThe Hundred-year House2014/08/22
Miller, SueThe Arsonist2014/08/20
Grant, LindaUpstairs at the Party2014/08/15
Mengestu, DinawAll Our Names2014/08/13
Roffey, MoniqueHouse of Ashes2014/08/08
Burton, JessieThe Miniaturist2014/08/06
Perry, SarahAfter Me Comes the Flood2014/08/01
Guo, XiaoluI am China2014/07/30
Henríquez, CristinaThe Book of Unknown Americans2014/07/25
Kelby, Nicole MaryThe Pink Suit2014/07/18
Lane, HarrietHer2014/07/16
Dones, ElviraSworn Virgin2014/07/06
Lovric, MichelleThe True & Splendid History of the Harristown Sisters2014/06/22
Harkaway, NickTigerman2014/06/18
Straub, EmmaThe Vacationers2014/06/13
Healey, ElizabethElizabeth is Missing2014/06/13
Sloan, RobinAjax Penumbra 19692014/06/04
Rachman, TomThe Rise and Fall of Great Powers2014/06/04
O'Neill, HeatherThe Girl Who Was Saturday Night2014/05/30
Sarkissian, JulieDear Lucy2014/05/23
Young, LouisaThe Heroes' Welcome2014/05/20
Waldman, AyeletLove and Treasure2014/05/16
Hoffman, ElizabethThe Museum of Extraordinary Things2014/05/14
Lane, JohannaBlack Lake2014/05/09
Black, RobinLife Drawing2014/05/07
Lambert, CharlesWith a Zero at its Heart2014/05/05
Nesbit, TaraSheaThe Wives of Los Alamos2014/05/02
Powers, RichardOrfeo2014/04/30
Moss, SarahBodies of Light2014/04/16
Shamsie, KamilaA God in Every Stone2014/04/14
Owen, LaurenThe Quick2014/04/11
Day, ElizabethHome Fires2014/04/07
Vermes, TimurLook Who's Back2014/04/04
Brovig, DeaThe Last Boat Home2014/03/31
Hustvedt, SiriThe Blazing World2014/03/27
Strout, ElizabethThe Burgess Boys2014/03/21
Offill, JennyDept. of Speculation2014/03/21
Butler, NikolausShotgun Lovesongs2014/03/14
Shreve, AnitaThe Lives of Stella Bain2014/03/07
Kimberling, BrianSnapper2014/03/05
Walsh, HelenThe Lemon Grove2014/03/04
Oyeyemi, HelenBoy, Snow, Bird2014/02/28
Dawson, JillThe Tell-tale Heart2014/02/26
Payton, BrianThe Wind is Not a River2014/02/21
Gestern, HeleneThe People in the Photo2014/02/19
Levene, LouiseThe Following Girls2014/02/14
Glazebrook, OliviaNever Mind Miss Fox2014/02/12
Hardach, SophieOf Love and Other Wars2014/02/07
Erens, PamelaThe Virgins2014/02/05
Maupin, ArmisteadThe Days of Anna Madrigal2014/01/31
Ash, RomyFloundering2014/01/29
Grant, KatharineSedition2014/01/22
Dunmore, HelenThe Lie2014/01/20
Hope, AnnaWake2014/01/17
McFarlane, FionaThe Night Guest2014/01/15
Ryan, DonalThe Thing About December2014/01/10
Forbes, MicheleGhost Moth2014/01/08
Hill, CharlieBooks2014/01/03
Lindstrom, MeretheDays in the History of Silence2013/12/17
Drabble, MargaretThe Pure Gold Baby2013/12/13
Olafsdottir, Audur AvaButterflies in November2013/12/11
Kalfus, KenEquilateral2013/12/09
Vladislavic, IvanDouble Negative2013/12/06
McDermott, AliceSomeone2013/11/30
Schine, CathleenFin and Lady2013/11/29
Petterson, PerAshes in My Mouth, Sand in My Shoes2013/11/22
Mingarelli, HugoA Meal in Winter2013/11/13
Ackroyd, PeterThree Brothers2013/11/08
Hill, SusanBlack Sheep2013/11/06
Tartt, DonnaThe Goldfinch2013/11/01
Kaufman, AndrewAll My Friends Are Superheroes2013/10/30
Hitchman, BeatricePetite Mort2013/10/27
Gilbert, ElizabethThe Signature of All Things2013/10/25
Leary, AnnThe Good House2013/10/18
Setterfield, DianeBellman & Black2013/10/16
Lahiri, JhumpaThe Lowland2013/10/11
Ironmonger, J.W.The Coincindence Authority2013/10/09
Coe, JonathanExpo 582013/10/03
Harding, PaulEnon2013/10/02
Slocombe, RomainMonsieur le Commandant2013/09/27
Lennon, J. RobertFamiliar2013/09/25
Ozick, CynthiaThe Messiah of Stockholm2013/09/11
Kent, HannahBurial Rites2013/09/10
Jordan, ToniNine Days2013/09/06
Wolitzer, MegThe Interestings2013/09/04
Kawakami, HiromiStrange Weather in Tokyo2013/08/30
Baker, LoriThe Glass Ocean2013/08/28
O'Flynn, CatherineMr Lynch's Holiday2013/08/21
Maksik, AlexanderA Marker to Measure Drift2013/08/16
Pochoda, IvyVisitation Street2013/08/13
Sloan, RobertMr Penunmbra's 24-Hour Bookstore2013/08/09
Godwin, GailFlora2013/08/07
Close, JenniferThings We Need2013/08/02
Sullivan, J. CourteneyThe Engagements2013/07/31
Hauser, EthanThe Measures Between Us2013/07/24
Kelly, N MWhite Truffles in Winter2013/07/22
Grimwood, JonathanThe Last Banquet2013/07/22
Boyt, SusieThe Small Hours2013/07/19
Nazdam, BonnieLamb2013/07/12
Banks, IainThe Quarry2013/07/08
Rich, SimonWhat in God's Name2013/07/05
Tearne, RomaThe Road to Urbino2013/06/21
Tiffany, CarrieMateship with Birds2013/06/18
Johnston, WayneA World Elsewhere2013/06/17
Laurain, AntoineThe President's Hat2013/06/12
Walter, JessBeautiful Ruins2013/05/29
Connell, Evan SMrs Bridge2013/05/28
Hermann, JudithAlice2013/05/15
Theroux, MarcelStrange Bodies2013/05/10
Osborne, LawrenceThe Forgiven2013/04/30
Fortes, SusanaWaiting for Robert Capa2013/04/15



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